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Southeastern Pennsylvania

COVID-19 Vaccine Index

County & City-Specific Resources:

Chester County COVID-19 Vaccine Databases:

- Vaccinate PA (Chester County):

- Covid-19 Vaccine Pre-Registration (Chester County):

- Chester County COVID-19 Vaccine Information:

- Chester County Authorized COVID-19 Vaccine Information (Ingredients):

Delaware County COVID-19 Vaccine Databases:

- Vaccinate PA (Delaware County):

- COVID-19 Vaccine Pre-Registration (Delaware County):

- Delaware County COVID-19 Vaccination Sites:

- Delaware County COVID-19 Vaccination Information:

City of Philadelphia COVID-19 Vaccine Databases:

- City of Philadelphia COVID-19 Vaccine Data:

Pharmacy-Specific Resources:

- CVS Pharmacy COVID-19 Vaccine Sign Up:

- RiteAid COVID-19 Vaccine Sign Up:

- Walgreens COVID-19 Vaccine Sign Up:

- Wegmans COVID-19 Vaccine Sign Up:

- Walmart COVID-19 Vaccine Sign Up:

- Weis Markets COVID-19 Vaccine Sign Up:

Tip: Almost always has open appointments for individuals 65+!

- Sav-On Pharmacy/Acme COVID-19 Vaccine Sign Up:

- Giant Food Stores COVID-19 Vaccine Sign Up:

Possible Times of Vaccine Appointment Releases:


- CVS Pharmacy: Around 12:00am (midnight) EST, 6:00am EST

- RiteAid: Around 12:00am (midnight), 5:00pm EST

- Walgreens: Around 12:00am (midnight) EST

- Wegmans: 11:00am EST

Tips for Finding and Quickly Scheduling Appointments:


- Find local social-media groups and accounts that share vaccine information

- Learn the appointment websites and their schedules

- Set up autofill in your browser that automatically fills in personal information

- Install browser extensions that refresh your page for you

- Pharmacy Specific Information:

  • CVS: Start with the vaccine screening tool, a questionnaire about you and your eligibility. At the end, you land on a page where you input your ZIP Code and search for appointments. Keep clicking the ZIP Code to see whether new appointments have been added. If you get a slot, you’ll be asked to fill out a questionnaire longer than a mortgage application. Select “Don’t Know” if you’re moving fast and don’t have time to read each question. 

  • Rite Aid: Start with the vaccine scheduler or this eligibility guide. After you’ve input your personal information in the scheduler, you’ll get a list of local stores that offer the vaccine. You actually need to select a location and press “Next” in the bottom right to see whether there’s availability. Go through the whole list of stores like this to see whether any have appointments. 

  • Walgreens: Start with the vaccine-availability checker. Unlike the others, Walgreens requires that you have an account to book, so create one beforehand with all necessary information. Make sure you remain logged in on your browser. Walgreens also offers phone booking at 1-800-Walgreens.

Credit for Tips goes to The Wall Street Journal, "Tech Tips to Help Score a Covid-19 Vaccine Appointment at CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens and More"

COVID-19 Infection Dashboards:


- Chester County COVID-19 Dashboard:

- Delaware County COVID-19 Dashboard:

- Pennsylvania COVID-19 Dashboard:

- Delaware COVID-19 Dashboard:

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State Specific Resources:

State of Pennsylvania COVID-19 Vaccine Databases:

- Find A Shot - COVID-19 Vaccine Finder:

- VaccineFinder:

- Vaccinate PA (County Search):

- Pennsylvania Department of Health COVID-19 Vaccine Information:

- Am I Eligible for the Vaccine? Form (Dept. of Health):

State of Delaware COVID-19 Vaccine Databases:
- Vaccine Finder:

- Find A Shot - COVID-19 Vaccine Finder:

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